Monday, May 12, 2008

My Cher Bear

My Cheri had to have emergency surgery this week-end to remove her appendices. She smiled going in to surgery and continued to smile and look beautiful ~ even when she was in pain. Would it be terrible to say how much I enjoyed spending the week-end with her at the hospital ? I got to rub her feet, stroke her head, and spending quiet time by her side as she slept. She is 25 years old now so these moments don't come with the frequency they once did.
I also got to see how tender and loving her boyfriend Tony is. These are the moments when you learn the most about a person. As he and I sat in the waiting room during surgery ~ I felt I was with one of my own children.
I also got to buy my girl a funky get well gift ~ a beta fish in a glass cube. Cher always liked fun and different things as a child. One spring I planted black tulips and pansy's for her ~ during her "black is my fav color " pre-teen stage.
I honestly couldn't have asked for a nicer way to spend Mother's Day week-end than being by my girl's side ~ and catching tiny glimpsed of the little girl that once was.


Anonymous said...

Good lord Mom I could see the Morphine in my eyes cuz that's not pain ha ha ha

Pat Winter said...

Oh how sweet. I can imagine you being upset over her surgery and pain but loving every minute of her recovery. Our children will always need us no matter what their age.Beautiful girl, like her mom.

Beth said...

You always were a great Mom Terri Lee!Hope Cheri is feeling better!Love,Beth

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