Sunday, May 24, 2009

Banana Creme Pie Or Now We Know Why Terri Can't Fit Into Her Summer Clothes!

We had a fall like day last week ~ you know those kind with the brisk wind that pushes all the curtains straight out !
I spent the afternoon cooking for my family and was so grateful to be doing it!
Tender fresh corn ~ steamed for just a few minutes.

A big pot of Chili, on the hot side, with some cheddar cheese on the side.

Crispy corn muffins ~ cooked in my great-grama Nannie's muffin tin.

And what else to do with all these ripe bananas ~
but borrow a recipe from my son's cookbook. ( the one I bought him in middle school and haven't had the heart to give him for his own home)
OH YUMMY Banana Creme Pie!!!

I always make double the whipped creme ~ you need extra to lick the beater!

OH ~ let me just jump right in!!!!

I get SUCH joy over making my family a good ole' fashion 1950's style supper like this!
YUP! I even wore an apron!


Laurie said...

Terri you're making me drool! Those are the kind of meals I grew up with, oldfashioned, made from scratch, come home from school to see mom at the stove. Precious memories, great food!!

Maggie R said...

Terri..... Excuse me while I go get a tissue. I'm drooling all over myself!!!!!!
These dishes look fabulous and delicious...I have my gramma's muffin tins too.They gotta be over a hundred years old!!! YIKES!!!!what does that say about me!!;-}
Have a great day..

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