Sunday, May 24, 2009

Latest Crazy Quilted Project and What's Blooming In The Garden

This project is for someone I don't know that God put on my heart ~ my favorite kind of piece to do.
I felt inspired to gift her and will simply ask the Lord for His wisdom and inspiration as I sew.
I feel it is His gift and I am just the messenger.
I know many of you do this too but if you've never tryed it ~ DO!
You will be amazed at how the Creator of this universe will work through YOUR very own beautiful hands.

This week in my garden has been so exciting! Flowers are blooming everywhere!

I played no special tricks with my computer to make the photo of this iris so stricking ~ it just happen.

I don't know how the background turned out black because it was a sunny day.
Nature blows me away!

My husband started buying me these glass globes a few years ago.
We pick them up in our travels from glass blowers ~ there are many in this New England region.
This was purchased in Great Barrington, Mass. I have started putting them outside with strong wire for the summer.
They are so much more enjoyable than getting dusty inside!

Clematis in full bloom ~

How can I forget the name of this classic ~ but I have!

The tall grasses are growing by the foot!

These chairs are mostly for show ~ I can never sit still in my garden!
" I always felt that the great high privilege, relief, and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing."
Katherine Mansfield

Refreshing Summer Drink ~
Try mixing frozen lemonade and your freshly brewed tea in equal parts.
Serve over ice with a slice of fresh lemon ~ these are addictive!

1 comment:

Pat Winter said...

Your classic flower is the Columbine :-). Mine are in bloom as well and so pretty.
Also, try tying a bundle of lemon grass and lemon balm i cheesecloth to float in your sun tea. Enjoyed this post! Have a sunny day my friend.

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