Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sometimes ....All It Takes Is A Wish

Don't you love when you follow your intuitions head on and the results are so lovely and so much better than you could have ever planned!
Thursday I had just HAD it with the cluttered feeling in my sewing room. I started taking everything off of every surface and moving furniture all around.
I got it arranged in a pleasing way but as a result ~ had to get rid of a dresser that I had used for alot of my storage.
Fri morning ~ I had piles of stuff that I couldn't get rid of but had no where to put.
Suddenly I got this urge to go get 2 cent stamps ~ I know how silly that sounds but it true!
As I headed to the post office ~ this beautiful Victorian house I passed was having an estate sale.
I haven't shopped in FOREVER and with $11.00 in my pocket ~ I skidded to a stop and went in.
My knees started shaking as I tryed to pretend I wasn't impressed ~ he he he he!
Just look at all my treasures ~
Hankies, potholders, tiny tea sets ~ some marked GERMANY ~

This woman was a doll collector ~ I mean I could have gone CRAZY but after all was on a budget
This was my favorite ~ tiny teacups with parrot handles ~

Beautiful tatted doily's and hankies ~

These potholders are just a darn piece of heaven if you ask me ~

Vintage books ~

NOW for the real prize! As I looked at the books I noticed the book shelves were on sale for $20.00 each.
Well ~ hm mm ~ I have the check my sweet Mom sent me for Mothers Day ~ Excuse me Mame ~
would you take $35.00 for the pair?
YES YES YES she said and here they are ~
JUST what I needed for my sewing room!!!!
They are well over 50 years old. All I did was clean them good. I love the color and worn patina!!!

And when Frank went to pick them up ~
they had found one more in the basement and gave to us for free!
I haven't fused over the arrangement inside the shelf yet but it looks perfect in my dining room!
I had an empty corner that needed filling badly!!!

I feel SO blessed!!! It started with a wish and 24 hours later ~
Now I just have to find some empty wall space for my thread and I'll be back in business!
By the way ~ I never did buy those stamps :)

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