Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mystery Reveled! Those Pic's I Posted And What It Was Like To Be On The Nate Berkus Show

Mystery Reveled!

Last week I started posting random pictures here and here of nooks and crannies in my home and pics of myself.
I wanted to explain but couldn't until now!

I was contacted by The Nate Berkus Show to participate in one of those swaps he does.
They needed lots of pics and as luck would have it ~ my email would not let me send more than one at a time so I had to post the pics as a blog post so the producers could see them!
I wanted to tell you soooo bad ....... I'm sorry!

So let me show you a tiny bit of the behind the scenes.

Someone met me at the door of  NBC and brought me to the green room.

Am I dreaming???

I shared it with a fun classy gal named Ruth and her sweetheart of a daughter Alex.

The producers kept coming in to rehearse with us. Between rehearsing, these gals kept me laughing!
This was me trying to be "super excited" as they kept telling us to do.

They had sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and baked goods for us but we were far too nervous to eat!

Then it was time for hair and make up.

 Could this really be me??? Two stylist doing my hair?

 This was the make up artist ~  fun and upbeat like the rest of the crew.

Call me shallow but after I took this pic ~ I realized what I was wearing made me look fat!
I have lost weight since the holidays and weighed 115 that morning.
Then I realized I am going to look 125 on camera ~ alot for my 5'1 frame .

Come on guys ~ you know you would be worrying about that too.

This is Jenny Pulos from Flipping Out  who I did the swap with ~
my card shuffler for her heart.
Let me tell you she is a sweetheart! Very down to earth and the girl can rap!
Really! She is a rapper and won an award at The Apollo Theater  several years ago.

Here's Jenny's heart in my window ~ I love it!

The producer kept telling me since I was the first swap ~ my energy would set the pace for the entire segment.
Normally my energy is always ramped at high rate of speed but I was SOOOOO nervous.
Somehow I got through my minute of fame ~ lol.
I mentioned what is always at the top of my brain ~ my kids.
I didn't say anything that was in the script they gave me and even though I had to slump down displaying horrible posture to show Jenny the card shuffler (she was a few steps down from my seat) ~ Nate was standing 1 foot away .
I got to look in his dreamy eyes and get a sweet Nate hug!
That made it all worth it!

If I ever had the chance to do it again ~ I would never be so nervous.
The producers and entire staff, Nate and Jenny were sweet as can be !

After the show was over ~ they asked us to stay so they could tape a few more segments for a different show.
They passed a basket around and we all picked one of these cards.
It was for  NEW CAR!!!!

The winning number was 71 ~ the girl next to me had 70!
Her name is Sharon Terry, a writer,editor and all around nice person to chat with.
 I have great interest in writing and editing and she has since sent me wonderful info on the subject. 

After the taping was over ~ Ruth and Alex invited me to join them for dinner.
We ate at a great place across the street from the studio where I had the best seared tuna I have ever had in my life!
After dinner we shared a cab to Times Square where we said good bye.

I decided to go to one of my fave spots in NYC ~ the red stairs in the center of Times Square.
This was the spot I said goodbye to my friend Lori from LA a year or so ago.
 Now her Mom is in the last days of her life and this seemed like the perfect place to call her and see how she was doing.
It was a highlight of the day to be talking to her here of all places.

As we talked I soaked in the wonder of all the lights and excitement in the City  ~
even on a freezing cold Tuesday in February.

Thankfully Magnolia Bakery was still opened in Grand Central.
I have been happily sticking to a vegan diet since January 9th but had to have one of these baby's on the train ride home... it was the chocolate one that is missing ;O)

I came home at 12:30 am to dark house ~ happy to be Home Sweet Home.
As I cuddled in bed to my snoring husband, Teddi with bad breath in dogs and my IPAD  for my nightly Solitaire addiction ~
I was so grateful for such an amazing day.
Grateful still more for my little home and seemingly little life in Conn.
which just for today...... didn't seen so little after all.

Show will be airing Feb. 23, 2011


Laurie said...

Unbelievable Terri!! What a blast! Has the show aired yet? I'd love to watch!! You look fabulous Dahling!

Pat Winter said...

Oh my goodness you are a star! Well, you certainly look like one! What an exciting day for you. I was with you in spirit and thinking of you all day. Nate is such a cutie, I bet that was so neat to give him a hug. The heart from Jenny is so pretty and what special memories it holds. I can't wait to see that show. I'll be ready with a cup of, a glass of wine!
Hugs and love SP,

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

I'm sooooooo excited for you!! Can't wait until this afternoon!! You are truly a Shining Star!!!

Luv Ya ~


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

WOW!! How exciting!!! An experience to be long remembered. Sooooooo awesome!
So happy for you!

kathi said...

Terri, How wonderful! I love Nate and think his show is great. You looked so pretty and like a natural on TV! What a fun experience! Love the glass hear too!

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